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WWII Dutch Poster Announces Mussolini Rescue by SS
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An announcement poster from September of 1943, with the bottom margin printing indicating that the poster was prepared and released by the German Office of the Reich Commissar for Occupied Holland. The poster is in Dutch and proclaims the SS motto in the Dutch language: "Eer is Trouw", or "Honor is Loyalty". Below this is the headline "Mussolini Freed", and an announcement of the rescue of The Duce by them men of the Waffen SS and the Security Service. The poster is approximately 21 1/2 by 31 inches in size. There is a horizontal tear of about 4 3/4 inches in the black field. The poster shows wear but it is quite legible, with a dramatic design, and it is utterly remarkable that a Third Reich poster from Occupied Holland in 1943 managed to survive the occupation, the remainder of the war, and the intervening 75 years.