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SOLD French WWI Medic Model 1915 Adrian Helmet
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The helmet is a French Model 1915 Adrian helmet that was painted in white over the original horizon blue color, with a red medic's cross painted on the front. The helmet has no front plate, any such plate having been removed at the time that the helmet was painted as a medic helmet. The exterior white paint is approximately 90% intact. There appear to be traces of the original blue paint visible where the white paint is chipped. The helmet liner is present but loose. The chin strap is also present, but torn on one side where it was looped into the chin strap bale. The painted red cross is better than 95% intact. The French Army had a specific medical troops helmet plate for the M15 Adrian helmet, and so it seems likely that this helmet was used, if not by French troops, then by an organization such as the American Field Service or by an American unit such as the 93rd Infantry Division, which was issued, and used, French equipment.