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Imperial German Mining Association Officer Sword by ACS
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An exceptional sword of the Bergbau, the German Mining Association. The sword is a lion head pommel style with the crossed hammer and mallet of the Mining Association on the langet. The lion head is inset with dark red glass eyes. The backstrap and guard are superbly ornamented with oak leaves, while the quillon is a panther head. The black celluloid grip is free of chips or cracks. It is wrapped with triple wire. This is a bit loose in spots but it is intact and unbroken. The fire gilt finish on the sword and scabbard fittings appears to be nearly completely intact beneath a superb uncleaned patina. The plated blade, which bears the Alcoso scales trademark beneath the langet, is approximately 29 1/2 inches long. The blade, like the fittings, has an uncleaned patina, but it would no doubt look quite bright if the blade was gently polished. The sword is within its original black leather scabbard which has a few minor scuffs and abrasions but which is complete and intact. Finally, the sword has wrapped around the hilt a superb sword knot. The tape is gold bullion with black and silver vertical lines on either edge, while the stem of the knot is comprised of a gold, silver, and black "V" weave. The knot itself is gold bullion with a black and silver insert in the bottom. The sword is a scarce example of a lion head Mining Association sword in an exceptional, and uncleaned, condition.