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Model 1916 Early NSDAP or Freikorps Helmet
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A World War I Model 1916 combat helmet which has a faint but still quite clear static swastika painted on the front of the helmet. The swastika is more visible at some times then others depending upon the lighting and the angle at which the helmet is placed, but there is no doubt that the swastika is there and was applied during the period. The static swastika was used as a symbol by both the early Nazi Party members as well as by some Freikorps paramilitary units (such as the Freikorps Ehrhardt). The helmet has exterior field gray paint that is approximately 85% intact, with no major areas of paint loss but, rather, the typical scuffs and spots normally found on a Model 1916 combat helmet. The liner is present but the chin strap and pads are lacking. The size of "66" is stenciled o the interior rear rim, indicating that the helmet was likely refurbished during the war, at which time the size was stenciled on the rear rim in case the stamped size marking was obscured by the process. On this helmet the stamped marking of "TJ66" remains visible on the interior of the left side, indicating a size 66 helmet shell that was manufactured by the firm of C. Thiel & Sohne of Lubeck. A very interesting helmet in very good condition.