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M1917A1 Combat Helmet
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Introduced in 1939, the M1917A1 combat helmet was an improved version of the World War I M1917 helmet. The M1917A1 used a more comfortable liner which utilized four leather tongues and a central pad in the dome of the helmet, with the leather chin strap of the earlier version replaced by a fabric strap with brass claw buckle. The helmets were replaced soon after America's entry into World War II by the M1 combat helmet. This example of an M1917A1 is quite clean, with the exterior cork infused olive green paint approximately 95% intact. The exterior surface does have some spots and stains from use, as well as a few small spots of surface rust on the edge of the rim and one small shallow dent. The fabric chin strap is complete and intact. The interior rear rime is stamped "14A". Very good condition overall.