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German Army M44 Artillery Tunic With Printed Eagle
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A fine example of the waist length M44 uniform tunic, with slip on shoulder straps of an artillery NCO. The tunic has a six button front, from which two of the buttons are missing. The field gray paint is largely worn from the buttons on the tunic. The breast eagle is the late war style that was printed on a cotton base. Is is machine sewn to the tunic through the lining. The collar tabs are the subdued late war generic style tabs usually found on the M44 tunics. The interior of the tunic is partially lined in the front and unlined in the back, with depot and size stamps marked on the interior left front lining. There is some wear to the nap of the exterior wool, and a few light spots, but overall the tunic is very clean, free of any moth damage or distracting stains, and in very good condition.