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Named WWII Japanese Navy Type 90 Combat Helmet
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A Japanese Navy Type 90 combat helmet of the Second World War. The front features a metal version of the anchor and chrysanthemum emblem of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The exterior olive brown paint has typical spots and minor scuffs but rates as approximately 95% intact. The interior leather liner is missing its pads and fabric chin cord is gone. The leather is supple but the rear seam stitching is gone. The helmet has the last name of "Namio" written on the liner, as well as "Facility 321" and "Dept. I". This is apparently a reference to Imperial Navy Construction Battalion 321, which served at Sasebo Navy Base. On the interior rear rim is painted the number "23-5", with the "-" being the Japanese kanji that means "Stop". It's use in this number sequence is not entirely clear, and it may be that it was intended to function as a "dot" symbol (as in "23.5"). In the crown of the helmet is painted "5899" in Arabic numbers. The helmet is in overall very clean condition with interesting annotations on the interior and on the liner.