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WWII Schlueter Front Seam M1 Combat Helmet
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A very fine example of a World War II M1 combat helmet, marked with the large "S" inside the shell which reflects production by the Schlueter Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. Schlueter began production of the M1 helmet in January of 1943. Of the 22 million M1 combat helmets produced during the war, approximately 90% of them were manufactured by the McCord Radiator and Manufacturing Company of Detroit, and only 10% were manufactured by Schlueter. This is a particularly fine example of the very uncommon World War II Schlueter helmet. It has a front seam and swivel bales. The exterior cork infused combat paint is nearly 100% intact, although the exterior shows the typical spots and minor scrapes that are normally found on combat helmets that were actually worn. The interior of the helmet shell is quite clean, suggesting that this M1 never saw use as a cooking pot or wash basin, two functions for which the G.I.'s routinely used their M1 helmets. The liner is a Westinghouse example with complete interior webbing and chinstrap. Liner exterior shows a few scuffs and a break on the front visor. Overall the helmet is in excellent condition.