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Early Post WWII Amphibious Engineer Photo Album
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A photo album that contains photographs from the life of John S. Banik of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who served in the Pacific Theater during the war with the Army Amphibious Engineers. The album is 8 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches in size and contains over 350 black and white photographs that depict personnel in the Philippine Islands shortly after the war (including a number of photos of a parade in Manilla, and of General Douglas MacArthur at the microphone). Some of the photographs are commercially produced pictures but these are relatively few in number. In several of the photos the troops can be seen wearing on their left shoulder the patch of the Army Service Forces in the Pacific (and one of these patches is mounted on the first page of the album) and, on their right shoulder, the patch of the Army Amphibious Engineers (the Engineers being a part of the "Service Forces" of the Army). There are a number of photographs that depict Banik's life upon arriving home, including his wedding. An interesting view of the Philippines at the end of the war, and of the life of an American soldier returned home from the war. Some of the photos have come loose, and some of the pages are loose as well.