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Finland M40 / M55 Combat Helmet
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In 1955 the Finnish government purchased combat helmets from German manufacturers. Those helmets were essentially identical in appearance to the German M40 combat helmet of the Third Reich period, with rolled edge and pressed ventilation holes. The exterior dark green paint is approximately 85% to 90% intact. The helmet has a small "ding", or indentation, on the crown, this being about 1/2 inch in diameter. It is not particularly noticeable at all except when the light hits the helmet in a certain way. The helmet has the original post war liner, which was quite similar to the liner used in the M40 German helmets, although this liner has 10 leather tongues. The Model 1955 helmet has a chin strap system which is affixed at each side underneath the liner rather than to bales at the side, as was used in the German M40 helmets. Overall the helmet is in very good condition, although it is rather dusty on the interior from years of storage.