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WWII German Panzer / Kriegsmarine Leather Uniform Set
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This set of a short black leather "wrap around" jacket and matching black leather trousers was manufactured during or about 1944 by the military clothier firm of Rudolf Hiene of Prossnitz and both the jacket and trousers are profusely marked to this effect. Photographic evidence from wartime photos shows that these leather uniforms were worn by both Army Panzer and Kriegsmarine personnel. One photograph, taken in Holland late in the war, shows Kriegsmarine crew members of midget submarines wearing the garments. Additionally, a photograph taken in East Prussia in early 1945 shows officers of the Luftwaffe Hermann Goring Division wearing this uniform.

This example of the leather uniform was clearly never issued. It is complete with all issue stamps and paper issue tags. The leather trousers still have not only the waist belt but also have the black leather suspenders that were worn with the trousers.

The jacket is a leather version of the classic "wrap around" style which was most famously worn by the crew of panzer units. The jacket has two rows of five closure buttons on the front (the wearer could select whichever of the two rows was the most comfortable fit). There are also two exposed buttons on the left breast, the intended function of which is unknown, although it is suspected that the buttons were placed on the jacket to permit the secure attachment of some type of equipment (However, period photographs suggest that at least some of the personnel who wore these uniforms found the buttons to be unnecessary and removed them in the field). There is an interior pocket in the jacket which itself contains two smaller pockets inside. There are openings in the armpits of the jacket which were obviously designed to allow for ventilation while the jacket was being worn. The jacket is a small size, perhaps about a size 36.

The trousers are made in a black leather and, like the jacket, are extensively marked with the production stamps of the Hiene firm. The trousers have a side pocket on the front of each hip, with each pocket covered by a button flap closure (the button is missing on one side). The front of the trousers have a four button fly closure. There are enamel grommets in the crotch area for ventilation. The bottom of each leg has a leather size adjustment strap and two buttons for closing of the strap to tighten the bottom of the trouser leg inside of the boot.

The entire set is in exceptionally clean and unissued condition.