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Vietnam Era Special Forces Duck Hunter Camo Bush Hat
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The first U.S. Army Special Forces advisors in Vietnam were not issued with camouflage clothing, and the well known "tiger stripe" camouflage clothing had not yet become widely available. As such, the early Special Forces advisors purchased and wore the commercially available camouflage clothing that was being produced for the civilian market, a style known as "duck hunter" camouflage. (This listing includes, as an illustration, a photograph taken of a Special Forces advisor in Vietnam in 1964, and he wears a uniform and cap of the "duck hunter" camouflage.) The demand for this camouflage gear in Vietnam led a number of Asian companies to begin producing articles of "duck hunter" camouflage that were intended for sale to military personnel in Vietnam, including military style utility shirts and pants as well as bush style hats. This cap was produced by a manufacturer in Hong Kong, and dates from the period of the 1960's. It is manufactured from cotton in a size extra large, and it is complete with a long chin cord. One side of the hat can be placed up with the use of a "Star Brand" snap. The cap shows light use but the colors are clear and it is in very good condition.