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WWII Japanese Army Type 99 EM/NCO Canteen
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This Type 99 Army EM/NCO canteen has the wooden stopper that was used prior to late 1942, when the cork stopper was introduced. The cloth carrying harness is the earlier war style with the lower horizontal strap on the bottom of the harness. The canteen has the fabric harness and fabric shoulder strap without metal buckle that were a part of the canteen configuration adopted in November of 1942. However, that harness system retained the stopper with a fabric cord that ran from the front of the canteen harness, through the stopper, and fastened on the back of the harness. This example of the Army canteen shows wear typical with having been carried in the theater of operations. The exterior olive brown paint is approximately 95% intact. The canteen has a few shallow dings or minor indentations in the surface. The harness and carrying strap show use and wear and there is a faint issue stamp still visible on the strap.