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WWII Army Signal Corps Walkie-Talkie Radio
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One of the classic items of equipment of American G.I.'s in combat during the Second World War: the U.S. Army "Radio Receiver and Transmitter", popularly known as the "Walkie-Talkie". Its official military designation was the SCR 536 (BC-611)(The designation SCR 536 refers to the Radio Set, and BC-611 refers to the Radio Receiver and Transmitter inside the set). While sometimes referred to as a "Walkie-Talie", that term was actually used during the war for a radio that was was carried on the back of a soldier and which was larger and more powerful than the Handie-Talkie. The Handie-Talkie might be thought to have been a very common piece of equipment during the war since, of course, it always makes an appearance in almost every movie that has ever been made about combat infantrymen in World War II. However, only about 130,000 units were in fact produced during the war. This unit lacks a battery and it is unknown if it would actually work, but it is in excellent condition otherwise, showing minimal signs of use.