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Named 89th Division Uniform, Helmet and Document Group
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A World War I group that is comprised of the uniform, painted combat helmet, and documents of a soldier named "Anderson" who served in Battery C of the 164th artillery brigade of the 89th Division. The group consists of the following items:
- Enlisted tunic, breeches, and puttees. The tunic has a "US" and artillery branch collar disk on the collar. There are two overseas service chevrons on the lower left sleeve, and the wool patch of Battery C of the 164th artillery brigade of the 89th Division on the left shoulder. The name of "_ N. Anderson" is written inside the interior pocket. The first initial is not entirely clear, although it appears to be an "A". The tunic is missing one front closure button but otherwise is very clean. The olive wool breeches, complete with belt, have one or two small holes, not distracting, and aside from this are quite clean as well. The uniform includes the wool puttees.
- M1917 combat helmet, lacking most of the liner and the chin strap. The insignia of the 164th artillery brigade of the 89th Division is painted on both sides of the helmet.
- The group includes a khaki cloth sewing kit as well as a number of documents and photographs, to include a 1918 almanac, printed in Swedish; Some patriotic YMCA notepaper and 5 YMCA envelopes; A coupon book containing one coupon for "The Camp Edwards P.O.W. Canteen"; 12 photographs of combat scenes, which appear to be prints of French photos; and a soft cover "Brief History of the 89th Division", 48 pages with multiple fold-out maps, prepared for veterans of the division.

All of the items in the group are in very good used condition.