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Named Pair of Japanese Naval Officer Caps with Flag
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A pair of World War II caps which both belonged to one officer of the Japanese Navy, contained within their hat box, together with the officer's "Good Luck" flag, as well as documents and a newspaper.
The caps and the lid of the cap box are named to an officer with the name of "Yoshizawa", whose name is also on the flag. The group consists of the following items:

- Two Blue wool Naval officer visor caps, each with a removable white cotton cover. It appears that one cap (which has the white cover in place in the photograph) was the cap that saw significantly more use by the officer. The removable white top of one cap has a number of spots and what appears to be some writing on the front of the cover. The black patent visor surface has taken on a matte appearance and there is a red spot on it that seems to have come from the "Good Luck Flag" that was in the cap box with the hats. The interior of the cap shows wear and use, and the cap band is a bit flattened from storage, but the cap displays well. There is a cloth name tag sewn to the lining of the cap. The second cap shows relatively light wear to the interior. There is a small spot on the surface of the patent leather visor where the surface is disturbed. The interior of the cap has a cloth name tag sewn to the lining.
- An extensively signed silk "Good Luck", or Hinomaru, flag. The flag is approximately 24 by 33 inches in size. The flag has a large hole in the center and quite a few smaller holes.
- Approximately 20 pages of thin, tissue type paper, which bear either printed or handwritten notations in Japanese.
- A single sheet newspaper which appears to date from shortly after the end of the war as it contains photographs of American military personnel.