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ID'D First Army Railway Uniform With Badge
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The uniform of Corporal Lawrence B. Riley of the Army Motor Transport corps, who served in France as a member of the Railroad Department in the AEF Transportation Service. The uniform consists of the tunic, breeches, dog tags, and the large badge of the AEF Railroad Department. The uniform is quite clean and in excellent condition, although the lining of the tunic was removed, most likely to make the jacket a bit larger for Riley. Additionally, one of the front buttons has come off of the tunic but it is present in the pocket of the jacket. The shoulder carries the multi piece wool patch of the First Army Motor Transport Corps. The collar has the disks of the Motor Transport Corps. The lower left sleeve displays two overseas service stripes while the right sleeves has a finely embroidered Corporal chevron for the Motor Transport Corps. Above the left breast pocket is a two place ribbon bar which bears the ribbon of the WWI Victory Medal, while the second ribbon is that of the originally proposed ribbon for the Victory Medal. Pinned above the ribbon bar is the large brass badge, 2 inches in diameter, for the AEF Railroad Department. The badge is pin back and individually serial numbered. The uniform is accompanied by the dog tags of the owner, Lawrence Riley. A scarce uniform with a very rare badge that is in excellent condition.