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Vietnam War Army Officer Medals and Photo Group
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A group of the Vietnam War Era medals, documents, and photographs of Leverne E. Allen, U.S. Army Signal Corps. The group consists of the following items:

Medals and Insignia:

- Legion of Merit, crimp brooch marked G1 and bearing the diamond manufacturer mark of Williams & Anderson. The decoration is machine engraved on the reverse with the initials "LEA".
- Bronze Star decoration, slot brooch, unnamed.
- Ribbon bar set, clutch fasteners, reflecting combat service in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
- Enamel Army General Staff badge, clutch back, the reverse marked "Vanguard" and "V-21".
- A single Lieutenant Colonel rank insignia, marked "Simon GI" and "Sterling", and a single General Staff collar insignia, manufacturer marked by Meyer and marked "Sterling".
- A pair of Allen's dog tags on their neck chain.


- There are three U.S.. Army green plastic document folders which contain the citations for Allen's decorations, to include the Meritorious Service Medal for service from 1967 to 1970 as chief of the Strategic Army Communications Project Management Office-Pacific, which was based in New Jersey; the Legion of Merit, for service as Battalion Commander, Long Lines Battalions, in the Army Strategic Communications Command Signal Brigade in Korea; and the third folder contains the citation for the Bronze Star medal, awarded to Allen for meritorious service as a Signal Corps officer in Vietnam from 1966 to 1967. This folder also contains a typed memorandum, dated December 7, 1971, announcing the award to Allen of the Legion of Merit, and a memorandum dated June 9, 1975, announcing the award of an oak leaf cluster to Allen's Legion of Merit. The actual oak leaf cluster in contained with the document, affixed to a small card.


- The group includes two large 8 by 10 color photographs of the headquarters of the Long Lines Battalion in Korea, with Allen's name on the headquarters sign as Commanding Officer; and 14 black and white 5 by 7 inch photographs, some of which are duplicates, and most of which appear to show ceremonies taking place at the Signal corps unit in Korea of which Allen was the commander. They may be photos of the ceremony in which Allen assumed command, but the photographs have no captions on the reverse to identify them.

The covers of the citation folders show wear and age from storage. Overall the group is in very good condition.