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Model 1883 Japanese Naval Officer Sword
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A model 1883 Japanese Naval officer sword in very good condition. The overall length in the scabbard is approximately 33 inches, with a blade length of approximately 25 inches. The plated blade is generally bright with a false temper line and without nicks or active rust, although there are spots where the plating of the blade has lifted, exposing the base metal beneath, these being located primarily within the lowest 3 inches of the blade. The scabbard is ray skin and it exhibits some scuffs, loss of finish, and signs of wear. All of the metal components of the sword and scabbard, to include the pommel, backstrap, guard, and the scabbard fittings, have taken on a dark even patina with age, concealing the extent to which original gilt finishes might be intact beneath the patina. The ray skin grip is intact, as is its wire wrapping. A portion of the original tassel cord remains tied to the grip. The reverse of the sword guard folds down. There is Japanese kanji engraved on the folding guard which translates to "Quartermaster / Supplies".