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Etched Blade Import Foot Officer Sword by Horstmann
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An imported sword based upon the Model 1850 Foot Officer sword and obviously retailed by the Horstmann firm in Philadelphia. The sword has a blade etched on both sides and on the spine with decorative floral motifs and panoplies of arms. The Horstmann & Sons name is also etched onto the blade on one side. The blade is approximately 33 inches long, with the saber having an overall length of 39 inches. The blade has a few small spots but is generally very bright. There are several small nicks on the cutting edge of the blade. The cap and guard have decorative floral motifs in the same fashion as the blade. The grip is covered in leather and tightly wrapped with single twisted wire. The brass fittings have a fine, muted patina from age. The steel scabbard has darkened and shows traces of the original brown finish, there are spots of light surface roughness but the scabbard is free of dents.