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German Auto Society Medical Aide Car Pennant
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A cotton pennant of the ADAC, the "Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club", or General German Automobile Club. The organization was founded in 1911. In 1934 it became the "DDAC" ("Der Deutsche Automobil-Club") and a component of the Third Reich as an affiliated organization of the NSKK, at which time its insignia was changed from the Prussian eagle to an art deco style eagle with swastika. This ADAC pennant dates from the period just before the incorporation of the organization into the Third Reich as the newly-designated DDAC. This pennant has a printed red cross and the printed term "Hilfsdienst", or "Aide Service", with the red cross indicating that the aid that was provided was medical in nature. Superimposed upon the red cross is an embroidered Prussian eagle, the symbol of the ADAC. The pennant is double sided and is approximately 7 inches wide by 14 inches long. Both attachment clips are still on the hoist edge. The pennant shows some age and surface dirt but remains quite impressive.