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Named German Army Medical Officer Visor Cap
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A German Army officer's visor cap, piped in blue for medical personnel. The cap has a nice saddle shape and the officer apparently removed the internal stiffener from the crown which resulted in the cap adopting the jaunty shape that period photographs show was a popular look among officers who were wearing their visor caps in the field of operations. The exterior field gray top shows some relatively light spots and stains which bear out the fact that this particular cap was undoubtedly worn in the field. There is a small hole in the top of the cap on the right side, immediately above the piping. The interior of the cap shows definite wear and use, with cracks in the leather sweatband, but the full celluloid sweatshield is intact and bears the designation of a "Sonderklasse" ("Special Class") cap of the manufacturer Wilhelm Deutschmann. The sweatband was hole punched with the name of the owner: "R. Waehmann". While the cap shows obvious wear, it maintains an impressive appearance and exhibits great character.