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SOLD 1st Model Luftwaffe Officer Chained Dagger
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This early 1st model Luftwaffe officer's dagger is in a completely untouched and uncleaned condition. The dagger blade bears the manufacturer mark of the firm of SMF. The nickel plated blade has some spots but overall the blade is mirror-bright. The pommel displays the sunwheel swastika on each side. The leather covered grip shows wear and scuffs. The grip remains wrapped in triple wire. The crossguard and scabbard fittings are nickel silver and the carrying chain and attachment clip are also the nickel style. All of the metal components of the dagger, such as the pommel, crossguard, and scabbard fittings, are nearly black with the uncleaned patina of more than 70 years. The scabbard is covered in the blue leather which matches the grip. There are three holes in the scabbard leather which expose the metal of the scabbard itself, but these are not particularly distracting. Overall the dagger is in very good condition with a fine, bright blade and a with universally dark, uncleaned patina.