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Third Reich Saxony Civil Defense Gladiator Helmet
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The helmet is of the same design as the M38 "beaded" gladiator helmet worn by Luftschutz personnel. however, the "beaded" helmet was constructed of three separate pieces ( a helmet dome together with a front visor and a rear visor, with the helmet having a raised horizontal "bead" between the visors and crown. However, this helmet, while in the "gladiator" design, is constructed from a single sheet of stamped steel, just as were the military combat helmets. There is a hand painted insignia on the front of the helmet, likely indicating a civil defense role, and on the left side of the helmet is a hand painted green and white shield representing the State of Saxony. The helmet has field gray combat paint as its exterior and interior color. The helmet complete with its cloth liner and its original celluloid chin strap. Overall very good used condition.