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Double Decal M35 Combat Police Helmet
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The exterior police green paint is approximately 90% intact. The police eagle decal is about 90% intact, while the NSDAP party shield decal is 100% intact. This helmet has an interior War Ministry Inspector's dome stamp, dated 1938, indicating that this particular helmet was one that was selected by the War Ministry inspector to make certain that the helmets being produced met the Ministry requirements. Since helmets were selected at random for inspection, it is generally estimated that no more than about 25% of German helmets of the World War II period will be found with the dome stamps of War Ministry inspectors. The interior of the helmet is stamped "NS64", indicating a size 64 helmet that was manufactured by Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke. The interior liner is present and complete, as is the chin strap. The helmet shows wear and use but it is in excellent condition.