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Early Army Officer Dagger by Arthur Schutttelhoffer
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A very nice early Army officer dagger by a scarce maker: Arthur Schutttelhoffer & Company of Solingen-Wald. The dagger has a nicely toned orange celluloid grip that has no visible cracks or chips. The oak leaves of the pommel are well defined. The pommel cap and guard are the early nickel silver variety, The blade has spots on it but at least some of this appears to be old oil that has dried on the blade and which likely could be removed with a careful cleaning. There is visible cross grain on the blade. The scabbard is free of dents and displays a dark and uncleaned patina. There is an original portepee tied around the grip, and the original hangers remain with the dagger. The hangers show use, with some fraying of the material at the suspension bracket, but the hangers nicely match the appearance of the dagger itself. Overall excellent used condition in an early Army dagger by a scarce manufacturer.