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Japanese Army EM/NCO Type 99 Field Modified Canteen
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A very interesting, field modified, example of the Type 99 Army canteen that was introduced for use by the Japanese Army in the 1930's. The canteen has the domed cork aluminum stopper and full fabric carrying harness of the early models of the canteen. The soldier who carried this particular canteen obviously saw some extended campaigning. The original leather strap that ran from one carrying strap, through the stopper top, and to the opposite carrying strap, apparently disintegrated from use in the jungle environment. The soldier replaced that leather strap with braided twine. Additionally, this soldier undoubtedly found it annoying to have the canteen bouncing and flopping at his side, which is certainly what happened when the canteen was carried solely on the shoulder strap. The soldier who carried this canteen therefore created a wire clip that he tied to the canteen so that the canteen could be hooked to his equipment belt. The olive brown canteen has largely intact paint. The metal buckles on the harness, not surprisingly, show rust. A great example of a Type 99 canteen that saw real service in the hands of a soldier who modified his equipment to adjust to the realities of combat operations.