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Cased Long Japanese WWII Military Scroll Painting
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An exceptionally impressive fabric scroll, approximately 62 inches long, which depicts a scene of Japanese troops under a rising sun flag assaulting a cliff on the top of which a battle rages beneath a second rising sun flag. According to the kanji on the painting and on the lid of the box, the artwork depicts "The Capture of Jining [China] Prefecture Castle in Qufu". The scroll has wooden dowels at each end, with fabric ties to hang the scrolls which actually match the fabric border of the artwork. The scroll is contained within a wooden box with a fitted interior to receive the scroll. Contained within the box is a document, apparently a portion of the envelope in which the scroll was mailed during the war. The envelope dated 1939 and is addressed to Mister Okamoto Koji in Tokyo and the return address is that of "Central China Army Saito Corps, Masao Group Commander". Both the art scroll and the box are in excellent condition.