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Double Marked SS Dagger by Eickhorn RZM 941/39 SS
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SS enlisted and NCO service dagger with the blade marked with the uncommon version of the Eickhorn firm squirrel logo and the Eickhorn designation of RZM 941/39 SS. The blade shows some very minor spots and the typical runner marks but it is generally bright, with visible crossgrain. The etched motto stands out from the blade in nice contrast. The black ebony grip is in excellent condition and is without cracks, although there is a noticeable chip on the upper front grip to the left of the runes button. The grip eagle is the aluminum variety and shows excellent detail. The enamel SS runes button is straight up and down and is free of cracks or chips. The plating on the crossguards is bright and intact. The black finish on the scabbard is nearly 100% intact. Overall excellent condition.