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City of Heilbronn Model 1918 Police Helmet
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A Model 1918 combat helmet that was painted black and had large decals applied to each side with the crest of the city of Heilbronn, Germany. Heilbronn is located in northern Baden-Wrttemberg. The helmet was re-purposed after World War I for use by the police of Heilbronn. The exterior black paint is approximately 90% intact, while the two decals are each very nearly 100% intact. The helmet interior is marked with the "ET" code reflecting manufacture by Eisenhuttenwerke in Thale. The size designation is not entirely clear due to the coat of black paint that was applied, but it appears to be at least a size 60. The three pad liner system is present in the helmet. The leather chin strap is present as well and, although there is a tear at one point of the strap. the tear does not go all the way through the strap. Excellent used condition.