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Prussian Hussar Senior NCO Pelzmutze Busby
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A Model 1894 Pelzmutze, or busby, of a senior non-commissioned officer in a Prussian Hussaren regiment. The busby is black-dyed seal hide over a bamboo frame. The busby carries the brass chin scales which retain their full length leather fastening straps (and which were tucked behind the chin scales for the photographs in this listing). The Feldzeichen, or cockade, is one feature which denotes the wearer of this busby as a senior NCO. While the construction and lining of the busby are characteristic a piece issued to the enlisted ranks, The Feldzeichen is that of an officer, executed in silver bullion with a black center, the colors of Prussia. The bullion officer Feldzeichen was authorized to be worn by the highest level of Prussian NCOs, the Wachtmeister and Vizewachtmeister. Additionally, this busby has a Fangschnur (securing cord) which is secured on top with a toggle, as on the enlisted ranks busby, but the cord itself is darkly toned bullion. Furthermore, the sides of the busby display the large, NCO-style, cockades at the ends of the chin scale straps. The front of the busby carries the Bandeau ( brass ribbon) with the motto of "With god for Kaiser and Fatherland". There appear to be two small holes in the front of the busby below the Bandeau, indicating that this busby may have had an additional regimental badge on the front. The interior of the busby is fitted with the distinctive liner of the issued examples, with multiple pointed leather tongues that were perforated at the tips. The interior also displays a size stamp of "57 1/2" as well as multiple issue and year stamps. Overall the busby is in excellent condition and makes a dramatic presentation.