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U.S. Navy Mexican Service Medal with Transmittal Letter
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A splendid example of the U.S. Navy Medal for Mexican Service, produced by the U.S. Mint under the 1932 contract. The medal has a slot brooch suspension and was struck with a matte gilt finish. It is contained within a U.S. Mint blue cardboard box and is accompanied by two copies of the original transmittal letter to Mr. George Heibel. Apparently, in 1950 Mr. Heibel made an inquiry of the Navy as to whether he was entitled to any medals for his past military service and the Navy responded by advising him that he was entitled to the award of the Mexican Service Medal for his service aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Drayton at Vera Cruz. The Drayton played a key role in the "Vera Cruz Incident" of 1914, participating in a Naval blockade of Mexico pursuant to President Wilson's orders and also evacuating refugees from areas of danger. The medal is accompanied by the original signed transmittal letter from the Navy as well as by an unsigned copy of the same letter, which was folded and tucked underneath the medal in its box. The box itself reflects some interesting re-purposing by the Navy, since it has a paper label glued to the end on which is handwritten "Mexican Service Medal". This was pasted over a label for a Mint-produced World War II campaign medal. The medal is in mint condition, and the box and letters are all in excellent condition.