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1943 Dated Boxed Japanese Fire Extinguisher Grenade
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A device that would have been of critical importance to Japanese civilians and businesses during World War II: a fire extinguishing glass grenade. The extinguisher is a large glass ball that is filled with liquid in which fire extinguishing chemicals are mixed. The user would combat a fire by removing the glass grenade from the protective packing inside of the box and throwing it on to the ground where the fire was burning, spreading the liquid and chemicals on the fire. The glass grenade in this box is intact and it is still filled with the original chemical-infused liquid. The tin box also remains filled with the original packing material that was intended to prevent accidental breakage of the grenade. The box itself is olive green with lithographed graphics and kanji. The box shows some wear but overall the grenade and box are in excellent condition. Approximately 5 by 6 1/4 by 4 3/4 inches in size.