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1903 Imperial Wurttemberg Infantry Regimental Stein
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An imperial era reservist stein for Musketeer Wilhelm Abendschon, who served from 1901 to 1903 in the 122nd (4th Wrttemberg) Fusiliers Regiment "Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, King of Hungary". Abendschon was born in Schwaigern, Wrttemberg 18 April 1881. The stein features a central panel with the "122" regimental designation, flanked on either side by camp and battle scenes. A regimental roster, which includes Abendschon's name, flanks the handle. The finial has a soldier being crowned with laurels and the bottom of the stein is a lithopane scene of a soldier saying farewell to his sweetheart. The colored band around the base of the stein has a tiny white spot. Close examination shows that this is not a chip but merely a very small spot where the paint around the bottom edge missed a spot. Below the handle is the manufacturer's name and Munich address. The stein is in excellent condition. The colors are vibrant and the stein is free of chips or cracks.