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Cased Model 1918 Trench Periscope by Wollensak
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A Model 1918 trench periscope manufactured by the Wollensak Company. The overall length in the case is approximately 20 inches, with the length of the periscope, with handle extended, being approximately 28 inches. The periscope is 7.5 power, with optics which are slightly cloudy at this point. The top of the periscope, which holds the lens housing, has lost some of the olive green paint that was applied for camouflage purposes to the brass periscope. The leather case is manufacturer marked, dated 1918, and is marked as well with the designation of "CAC", indicating likely issuance to the Coast Artillery Corps. The case shows some wear and typical scuffing. The number "#965" is written on the lid of the case. The leather shoulder strap of the case has broken, although it remains present.