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Army Air Force A-8 Cloth Flight Helmet Size Medium
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The A-8 flying helmet was originally introduced in 1933. The A-8 was issued without any provision for communication receivers or oxygen equipment although many were later modified for these pieces. The unmodified A-8 helmet was in fact used by the first US fighter pilots to arrive in England during the spring and summer of 1942. This example is one of the early war specimens with the interior cloth tag bearing this out, marked "DWG 33G 5979" and "A.C Order No. 41-2047-E.P". The helmet was modified by the airman who used it with the addition of two circles of shearling sewn to the interior to provide a warm covering for the ears. The airman's name of "G.C. Reed" is lightly stamped in two places on the front of the helmet. Both of the side drawstrings remain in place.The rear straps for the flying goggles are intact. The helmet shows light use and is in overall excellent used condition.