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1918 French Machine Gun Ammo Pouch Used By U.S. Troops
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A Model 1915 cloth pouch for carrying the ammunition of the French Chauchat machine gun. Inside of the pouch are several straps and ropes that were found in the bag. The pouch is marked by a Paris manufacturer with a stamp that is dated 1918. On the carrying strap is written the initials of an American soldier and the designation of "314th Inf.", indicating that the pouch was carried by a soldier in the 79th Division. The Chauchat machine gun was widely used by American troops, and a period photograph posted with this listing shows two doughboys of the AEF, one of whom carries the Chauchat machine gun on a shoulder sling. This ammunition bag has spots and shows wear, as it was undoubtedly carried in combat in the First World War. The leather components of the strap are rather dry. It remains in very good used condition.