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Silver 1918 War Shipping Board Medal for SS Tuckahoe
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When during World War I the ship workers of the Camden Navy Yard completed the ship "S.S. Tuckahoe" in world record time, they were presented with a special silver medal by the United States War Shipping board. The medal is beautifully die-struck and in fine condition. The original red, white and blue ribbon is gone and a replacement length is included. The obverse of the medal states "United States Shipping Board
Emergency Fleet Corporation. Given In Recognition of Extra-Ordinary Effort In Ship Construction In
Time of the Nation's Need". The reverse states "Camden May 15, 1918 World's Record "S.S. Tuckahoe" Launched in 27 Days Completed in 37 Days
At The Yard Of New York Shipbuilding Corporation". The medal is 1 1/4 inches in diameter.