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Rear Seam Swivel Bale Schlueter M1 Combat Medic Helmet
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A World War II M1 combat helmet used by a medic, with a red cross painted on the rear of the helmet (where it would have been visible to other G.I.s but not to the enemy). The red cross is 3 1/4 inches tall by 3 inches wide. The exterior cork infused combat paint is just very slightly lighter than the usual olive drab, which is a characteristic of M1 helmets by Schlueter. The helmet exterior apparently received some additional paint during the war as there are spots where the it can be seen that the paint was applied to the top of the helmet and ran down the sides. Considering the fact that it was the top of the helmet shell that frequently lost paint in combat operations it is not surprising to see that this helmet was given some additional paint on the exterior dome. The front of the interior shell has a heat stamp of "512A" over the large letter "S" of the Schlueter company. The exterior paint is approximately 90% intact, with spots of surface rust around the shell. Only one half of the chin strap is present, that being the right hand side strap with the buckle to receive the "T" clasp. The helmet liner bears the mark of the International Molded Plastics Company of Watertown, Massachusetts. The liner chin strap is gone. The paint on the exterior of the liner is in very good condition. The initials "H.M." are written on one of the liner wed straps. The date on the reverse of the liner nape strap is worn and not entirely legible.