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First Aid French for American Soldiers Records
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A set of records by the "Victor Talking Machine Company" that were designed to teach French phrases to American soldiers, with this set having a particular emphasis on phrases to render and obtain medical treatment in combat. The set originally contained 3 records, with recordings on each side, for a total of six language lessons. One of the records has been lost to time and the set now contains two of the three recordings. The set also contains its original language booklets (two copies) which contain the French phrases which are on the recordings. In this way two soldiers at a time could sit, review the phrases, and practice their French pronunciation while they listened to the records. The records are a fascinating and unique piece of World War I history, reflecting the lengths that the government went to in order to prepare the young doughboys for combat in France. The phonograph records from that period were quite fragile and it is a wonder that these records survived at all. They are contained within their original folder. The appearance of the folder shows the effects of the passage of a century, but it remains largely intact. A scarce example of World War I memorabilia.