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Exceptional 5th Marine Brigade Uniform Jacket
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A splendid example of a World War I Marine Corps enlisted uniform tunic worn by a member of the 5th Marine Brigade who serviced in France with the American Expeditionary Force. The jacket is the classic forest green wool in the Marine Corps pattern, with a 5th Marine Regiment patch on the left shoulder. The lower left sleeve displays two Marine Corps overseas service chevrons. The collar carries a matched set of eagle, globe and anchor collar disks. The interior of the jacket has a faint Marine Corps Quartermaster stamp and the size designation of "2-M". There is wear to the lining at the very top of the jacket, with holes in the lining near the point at which it is sewn to the collar. The exterior of the jacket is exceptionally clean, wihtout stains, holes, or anything at all that would detract from a very impressive appearance. There is apparently a name written in ink on the interior wool of the jacket. The name is not easily readable, but it might be discerned with some time and a comparison to a roster of members of the 5th Marine Regiment. Overall this is a wonderfully preserved uniform jacket and, if a collector wanted only a single example of a very fine World War I Marine Corps uniform, this tunic would fit the bill exactly.