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Army 13th Cavalry Regiment Tenugui in Original Wrappper
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A World War II period Japanese Tenugui, with its original colorful paper wrapper. The tenugui has the image of the Japanese Army cavalry branch on it and kanji that identifies it as a commemorative piece of the 13th Cavalry Regiment headquartered at Narashino. The cloth also notes the name of Major General Asami Kikuo, who served in China. One japanese history that refers to this unit states that "The 13th Cavalry Regiment... participated in the Manchurian Incident afterwards and various kinds of operations in northern China, and subjugation, after which it became a motorized [armor] organization. In October 1942 it was reorganized as the 3rd Infantry Regiment." The size of the cloth is approximately 35 by 90 centimeters, about 1 foot by 3 feet. The tenugui is in excellent condition, and the original paper wrapper has a small hole but is in otherwise good condition. Although tenugui are often described as "towels", that is something of a misstatement. Tenugui were, originally, often used as hand towels but, over the years, they became objects that were given to multiple uses, such as headbands. They also frequently served as significant commemorative or souvenir items, as with this particular piece.