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7 Volume 1942 Manual Set on the B-24 Bomber
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Do you own a B-24 Bomber? Has it been sitting in your driveway since your wife gave it to you on your last birthday because you have no idea how to fly it? Look no further! This set of books, marked "Restricted", was produced by the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation in 1942, and they cover all aspects of the use and operation of the B-24D heavy bomber. By reading these books you will be reassured to learn, for example, that "The B-24 airplane is not difficult to fly", which we are helpfully told in the chapter that is appropriately titled "How to Fly the B-24D Airplane". There are a total of 17 pounds of information in these seven hardbound volumes, which are titled:
- "Flight Manual"
- "Armament"
- "Radio"
- "Hydraulics"
- "Electricity"
- "Power Plant" and
- "Airplane General".
The volumes contain a wealth of information in text, diagrams, and photographs. Inside the cover of each book is written the name of the original Army Air Force owner, Major F.J. Cox. Each volume is 9 by 11 inches. So don't let that B-24 of yours continue to function as a mere lawn ornament, or simply as a replacement for that little figure of a jockey that used to stand at the end of your driveway! This set of books will have your propellers turning and the whole family taxiing for take off in no time at all.