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Type 19 Officer Kyu-Gunto Sword with Mons
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An interesting example of the Type 19 sword with the officer's personal mons, or crest, in silver on the back strap of the sword hilt. The generally bright blade length is approximately 34 inches with the sword having an overall length in the scabbard of approximately 41 inches. The fittings are gilt over brass, darkly toned, and it appears that the gilt is mostly worn away. The plated blade has an artificial temper line and a few spots where the plating has lifted. The blade has no chips or cracks. The grip is ray skin wrapped with wire. The plated scabbard has a number of worn spots and one or two slight indentations. There also appears to have been a small period repair to the upper scabbard, where a small piece of silver colored metal, about 1/2 inch long, was applied to the back edge of the scabbard, presumably to cover a small hole that had been created.