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WWI Gas Mask in Bag
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The most common state in which to find a World War I gas mask these days is one in which the rubber face mask has dried into a shape something like a large khaki prune, and the respirator hose, if still present, is broken in several spots and crumbling. This gas mask is the exception to this rule of condition. This is an example of the British-style "Small Box Respirator" gas mask that was worn by the American troops of the AEF. The mask and respirator box are contained within their original carrying bag. The mask itself is still quite flexible, although the black attachment straps are dry. The respirator hose is also very supple. Typically, the small bladder is missing at the top of the mask. The original mask data card is still tied to the respirator hose, the envelope of which states that it contains instructions, record card, tape for repairs, and a safety pin for adjusting the harness. The small metal cannister containing the gas mask anti-dimming stick is also still in the bag with the mask.