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Posthumous Accolade, Coffin Flag & Large Photo Group
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A group that was found together and consists of:

- A World War II era official government posthumous memorial accolade with the facsimile signature of President Harry Truman. The accolade was sent to the family of Private Raymond M. Kreiser "Who died in the service of his country in the Pacific area, 21 December 1946". The accolade is approximately 12 1/4 by 14 1/2 inches in size, with a few surface spots but in overall very good condition. The accolade carries the official number on the back of "33878634". The document is quite unusual in that it was sent as a result of Private Kreiser's death in the Army after World War II. Because his death was not as a result of combat, no Purple Heart was awarded, and the accolade represents the only governmental recognition of Private Kreiser's death while serving his country. It appears from some on-line research that Raymond Kreiser was serving occupation duty in Japan with the 27th Infantry Division when he was killed in a railway accident in Japan in 1946. A most unusual document.

- A large, hand colored portrait photograph of Private Kreiser, still within its original 1940's frame (though without the glass). The overall size is 12 by 18 inches. The name "Ray Kreiser" is written on the back in pencil.

- The 48 star wool flag from Private Kreiser's coffin, 4 feet by 6 feet in size, marked by the Defiance Flag Company on the hoist edge. The flag is soiled from storage and there is a hole about 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches in the lowermost red stripe.

- A very large group of approximately 204 photographs. Most of the photos are about 3 by 4 inches in size and most appear to have been taken on Pacific islands. Some of the photographs have 1944 dates stamped on the reverse.

A very unusual group that reflects the uncommon award of an official governmental accolade for a soldier who died while serving this country in Occupied Japan after the end of hostilities in world War II.